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Choosing a Portable Band Saw

If you're looking for a new power tool that can handle a variety of tasks, consider a portable band saw. These versatile tools are a good choice for DIYers and professional metalworkers alike.
The best portable band saw is one that offers a wide range of speed settings from fast to slow and is easy to use. This is especially important for cutting different workpieces, like stainless steels, cables, and pvc pipes.
Choosing the Right Blade for Your Project
The type of blade used in a portable band saw will affect the performance of the cut. Compared to circular saws, portable band saws have thinner blades, less area of blade contact material when cutting, are suitable for complex or curved cuts, and do not split thin tube walls. The first thing to consider is whether the saw blade will fit into your band saw. Each band saw has a fixed fit blade. Generally, applicable saw blade parameters will be marked on the machine. Second, cutting different hardness of materials, saw blade tooth profile is different. For example, when cutting hard metal, choose tensile teeth. Can extend the life of the saw blade, and cut more powerful. Cutting soft metal like copper bars, choose a 10-14T Bestenturb saw blade better than an 8T saw blade. With less friction, it cuts faster. In a word, a portable band saw is also ideal for creating various materials, only if choose a suitable saw blade. 
Portability and Safety
A good portable band saw is easy to carry and can be used in tight spaces. This means it's perfect for cutting pipes and conduits when space is limited.

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