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How to Operate a Portable Band Saw

Band saws are a versatile, portable tool that can cut any workpieces whose HRC is under 65. They come in a wide range of sizes and can be equipped with blades varying in width and tooth count.
The correct cutting position. When operating a band saw, the operator should be facing the blade. This is the best way to control and direct the cutting action. It is also safer to operate a band saw with the right body position.
The best position to cut is facing the blade, although it's possible to operate a band saw by standing to the side or the back. If you are standing to the back, make sure the workpiece is supported and that it doesn't move during the cutting process.
Adjusting the table. When you're working with a band saw, it's important to adjust the blade guides so that the blade cuts parallel to the fence. This will ensure straight cuts and avoid chipping the material you're cutting.
Changing the blade. Band saws are typically equipped with an easy-changing lever that loosens the old blade to allow for easy replacement. When you swap blades, be sure to reset all the settings, including tracking, tension and bearings.
Choosing a blade. When selecting a blade for your mini band saw, consider the type of wood or metal you will be cutting, and the size of the workpiece. You want a narrower blade for tighter curves, and wider ones for more open shapes.

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