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How to Use a Cordless Band Saw

A cordless band saw is an cost-effective tool that can cut a wide variety of materials, including wood, steel and plastic. These tools are ideal for cutting rebar, threaded rod, cables, tubes and conduit without sparks or generating dust.
A portable band saw is a handy tool for any jobsite,DIY, or garage. They can be purchased in small, one-handed models for single-hand use or in larger models for two-handed operation.
Variable speed is a common feature on most portable band saws. The speed can be conveniently set through a digital screen, a button or an adjustable knob. Start slow, and gradually increase or reduce the speed as you get close to the end of the cut.
Automatic cutting is another advantage when using a portable band saw, as it takes time for the blade to run through material. This means you shouldn't force a cut; the saw will do the rest of the work for you.
Most portable band saws have either a trigger or a thumb wheel to adjust the speed of the blade. This is especially helpful if you're using the saw on multiple materials, as it helps ensure that each material can be cut with equal speed and accuracy.
Battery technology has come a long way as a power source, making high-performance cordless tools more widespread than ever before. COCH battery saws (cordless saw machines) like model number DLY-10CW1, DLY-10CS1, and DLY-125CW1 win compliment from customers from over 50 countries and areas in the world. Their most prominent advantage is that they cut everywhere. It can be continuously cut for one hour after charging for one hour. And it's important to check the battery's amp hour rating and choose a model that offers the highest possible capacity for maximum runtime.

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