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Tips For Buying a Band Saw Machine

Selecting the right blade is crucial to achieving good cuts on your band saw. A new, sharp blade will cut more quickly and accurately than a dull blade and will result in more consistent, smoother cuts.
Metal cutting bandsaw width of the blade is also important, depending on what kind of work you'll be doing. A narrow blade is ideal for delicate projects, while a greater width will provide more stability for steady straight cuts.
Whether or not the bandsaw has an automatic down feed is another important consideration. The down feed rate and pressure must be set to match the type and thickness of the material being cut. If the down feed is set for a sharp blade, it should be reset periodically to account for gradual dulling of the blade.
It's important to secure the workpiece properly on the saw to minimize movement and vibration. This can be achieved by using the side vises on the saw, or by using a top clamp that applies down pressure to prevent pieces from popping out.

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